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Democratizing AI: Empowering the workforce and enhancing productivity

Thursday May 30, 2024 10:15 - 10:35 Iron hall

Speaker: Henrik Vikberg

Henrik Vikberg, VP of Global Sales at Intelecy, will present a groundbreaking approach to adopting AI in the mining, metals, and minerals industry. 

Titled "Democratizing AI: Empowering the workforce and enhancing productivity," his talk will focus on three key areas: 

  • Building AI models with ease Vikberg will showcase how the Intelecy no-code AI platform enables users to effortlessly build AI models, fostering innovation and creativity among the workforce. By simplifying the process, teams can engage in problem-solving that drives efficiency and productivity, with a mindful consideration of environmental aspects. 
  • Increasing successful AI adoption with frontline ownership Vikberg will underline the importance of empowering frontline workers in the AI adoption process. By giving them ownership, companies increase the likelihood of successful AI integration. This approach cultivates a progressive mindset across the organization. 
  • Using AI for predictive maintenance, production quality optimization, and sustainable practices: Vikberg will illustrate how AI can predict maintenance needs, optimize production quality, and support sustainable practices. 

He'll demonstrate how companies can leverage AI-driven predictive analytics to prevent equipment failures, reduce waste, and improve product quality, all while meeting regulatory requirements and supporting more sustainable production practices. 

Customer case In addition, Vikberg will showcase how Rana Gruber, one of Intelecy's valued customers, has enhanced their operations using AI-driven solutions. Overall, his presentation will offer attendees a fresh perspective on AI adoption in the mining industry, emphasizing workforce empowerment, productivity, and environmental sustainability intelecy.com


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Henrik Vikberg Speaker

Vice President WW sales

Henrik Vikberg, Intelecy's VP of Global Sales, brings invaluable expertise from his roles at major industrial players like Amazon Web Services (AWS), SKF Group, Cisco and Siemens. With an academic background in industrial engineering and design, Henrik has extensive experience in guiding manufacturing customers through digital transformation initiatives. He is poised to empower mining and metals companies to leverage AI for predictive maintenance, production quality optimization, and sustainable practices