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Web shop

You will find the on-line furniture order here.

Important: you need the booking reference number to place an order. If you lost your booking confirmation contact info@euromineexpo.com

The invoicing of ordered furniture will be done after the 30th of May 2024.
What is included in my stand? See booth options and pricing

Terms of rental

Place your order before 3rd of May to get a better price. May 3rd the prices will increase by 25% and on May 13th by 50%. Orders that are rebooked or canceled later then May 13 will be charged at full rental price. Note that we cannot guarantee delivery on orders made later then May 13.

Deadline for ordering print for walls, counters, overhead sections is April 21st.

For destroyed or lost equipment we will charge purchase price. 25% VAT will be added for Swedish Exhibitors.

Electrical equipment

All Electricity must be installed by a licensed electrician hired by Euro Mine Expo.

Outdoor booths should have electrical equipment approved for outdoor use. Power supplies should be used according to manufacturer's instructions and not be exposed to rain/water. 


Free wifi is available at the indoor and outdoor exhibition area. Fixed internet can be ordered in our webshop.


Any damage to booth walls, rented furniture or other rented equipment will be charged for. 
The walls are 2500mm high and 1000mm wide the aluminum frame included, what you see of the wall/board when they have been put together is the size 2412mmx982mm, the walls are melamin covered MDF-board or shipboard, thickness 4-6mm.
Note: do not use nails on the walls.


Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their booths clean from waste. By the end of each day any waste that should be thrown away should be put in the aisle or brought to one of our garbage containers. Aisles will be cleaned on Monday evening at 8PM and then daily after closing of the fair.
Vacuuming of booths and emptying of booth trashcans will be done on Monday evening (starting 8PM) and then daily after closing of the fair.

Serving of alcohol

Alcohol is only served in the restaurants and hospitality suites, it is not allowed to serve alcohol in the booth.

Instruction for print order

Documents sent to us shall be submitted as ready-to-print PDF-files. In case the printed material is not a picture, it shall be submitted as a vectorised file, with converted fonts.

The document shall be of the same size as the printed picture (1:1). Larger sizes can be scaled, e.g. 1:2, 1:5 or 1:10. In case the picture is to bleed, this is done with 10-20 mm in all directions (area to be trimmed off). Measurements should always be given in width x height.

Always check with us regarding measurements of the expected printed surface, before submitting your document. 

Recommended resolution for 1:1 is 300 dpi. Materials less than 10 mb may well be e-mailed to juho@msp.fi

Materials exceeding 10 mb should be submitted by e.g. We transfer-link.

Remember to supply Customer name and Stand number when communicating with us.

When you have submitted your material, within three working days we will confirm having received and commenced work on your submitted material.

Documents for print must be submitted no later than April 21. If possible, please submit your finished documents earlier, since we produce exhibition material continuously. That way, risk of errors will be reduced.